What is your skin routine? No doubt, you’ve got all the fundamental skincare products that are essential for skin health, from facial wash, cleansers, day cream, night cream, moisturizers, and even retinol. But does your skincare collection include face serum?

The Facial Serum Basics

  • What is it?

Face serum, also known as a skin serum, is a significant skincare product that you must include in your skincare regimen. It is a lightweight moisturizer with a high concentration of active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, and glycolic acid.

Face serums contain properties that are useful and essential in promoting skin health. It reduces the risk of skin dehydration, acne breakout, and formation of wrinkles, fine lines, and aging spots.

Although face serum is a type of moisturizer, it is extremely different from common moisturizers, cream, and lotion. Traditional moisturizers and creams contain occlusive, airtight ingredients like petrolatum and mineral oil. These substances are moisturizing ingredients that keep water from escaping or evaporating. Likewise, common moisturizers and cream formulation have lubricating and thickening contents like seed oils. These substances have a similar effect on mineral oil.

Face serum has a unique formulation. It is water-based and contains a higher concentration of essential and active ingredients. Because of this, face serum has stronger anti-aging properties than most skincare products available in the market.

  • What are the Benefits?

Face serum has high levels of anti-aging, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, it increases the hydration levels of the skin to prevent it from drying.

Dermatologists highly recommend face serum to individuals who suffer from dry skin and oily skin. This skincare product stabilizes the oil in the skin prevents and large pores, which are common roots of oily skin.

If you have dark spots and dull skin, using face serum can help to minimize the appearance of dark spots and brightens the look of dull skin. It can make your skin look radiant, softer, and clearer.

Face serum works well in reducing the number of fine lines and wrinkles. Remember that face serums are excellent anti-aging products. Thus, it enhances the skin’s firmness and increases its plumpness. Moreover, it replenishes the skin and removes those ugly fine lines and wrinkles.

  • How to Apply Face Serum?

There is a correct way to use face serum. You have to learn and see the right way to apply this skin care product to reap the best results.

First, do your regular skincare routine from washing and facial cleansing. After washing, put a warm towel on your face. Apply a pea-size amount of face serum on your face using your fingertips. Gradually spread out the serum in a circulation motion. Make sure to apply it evenly on the skin and gently stroke your face. Once satisfied, let the serum dry then follow it with moisturizer.


Do you need to add face serum in your skincare routine? The answer is yes.

Face serum promotes healthier and youthful-looking skin. Also, it reverses the signs of aging and supports the creation of new skin cells. Therefore, applying face serum will make you look skin look radiant, younger, and fairer.

What is Facial Serum and Do You Really Need It?