The Weber is a well-known manufacturer of gas grills. It has been around since 1952 creating quality and innovative grills perfect for any outdoor activities. If you are planning to get one this year, consider selecting this brand.

This brand introduced several grill product lines in the market. And, one of the most successful and sought out version of Weber gas grill is the Genesis model II E410.

The Weber Genesis II E410 first came in the market last 2017. This new gas grill version of the Genesis product line is a replacement of the old Genesis range. The Weber Grills infused advanced features and more power to this latest grill version to provide the best grilling experience to users. If you learned to trust the older Genesis model, Weber Grills guarantees you can rely on this modern Genesis version.

Basic Features and Technical Details of Genesis II E410

For sure you are wondering if Genesis II E410 is a grill 100% worth the money . To know more about this product, below are the features and specifications of the item.

#1 Dimension

This product has 646 square inches of primary grilling space. The total cooking area of the gas grill is 844 square inches. The overall dimension of this model is 31 inches x 61 inches x 61 inches.

This dimension is massive compared to the former Genesis models. With such a space, you can grill large quantities of food. Hence, this gas grill is perfect equipment for cookouts with family and friends.

#2 Heating Power

This item has four burners. Each burner has heating power rated for 12,000 BTU/hr which accumulates to 48,000 BTU/hr in total. With a grilling space of 646 inches, the Genesis E410 has a total heating power of 74 BTU/hr per square inch of grilling space.

This amount of heating power is sufficient for grilling all sorts of food from veggies, fish, poultry, pork, and beef.

#3 Features a GS4 Grilling System

Weber implemented a grilling system on their latest Genesis gas grills. The GS4 grilling system is a collective term that identifies four central features which include the following:

  • An infinity ignition system
  • A New tapered shape burners
  • Flavorized bars
  • An advanced grease management system

#4 iGrill3

The iGrill3 is a Bluetooth thermometer system which you can use using a phone app. This technology allows you to monitor and manage the gas grill temperature without actually being there. This feature is present in all new Genesis models including the Genesis II E410.

Drawbacks of Weber Genesis II E410

Like any other gas grill in the market, there are some disadvantages to Weber Genesis II E410. Here it is.

  • Not ideal for small backyards and patios
  • High-tech features like the iGrill3 are purchased separately
  • A bit difficult to assemble without help
  • Not the cheapest option in the market

What is your verdict about Weber Genesis II E410?

Is it suitable for your grilling needs?

If you have more questions regarding its features, know more about this product here at Perfect Fit Grill Parts.

Weber Genesis II E410: Must-Know Details Before Buying