Now that you bought a Weber grill; do proper maintenance and care to make the equipment last longer. Letting it sit outdoors or on your storage without upkeep can damage the equipment. Moreover, you’ll spend more money to repair the damages and make it work again.

You can avoid the expensive cost of Weber grill repairs by using a Weber grill cover. This accessory may seem insignificant, but it does excellent work in keeping a Weber grill protected from all sorts of dirt, dust, pollen, tree sap, water spots and many more. It will help keep your Weber grill looking stunning despite years of use. Also, using a grill cover prevents it from rusting and weather hazards that might cause corrosion on the equipment.

Remember that Weber updates their grills from time to time. Upgrading older Weber grill versions has numerous advantages. It promotes more cooking possibilities and accuracy in grilling. However, these updates mean changes on the grill’s appearance. Thus, not all grill covers will fit into a particular model.

It is why you need a guide on how to find the right cover for your Weber grills. Below are the tips and everything you need to know about picking the perfect cover for your grilling equipment.

#1 Determine the Weber Model

First off, what you need to do is determine which Weber grill version you have. Is it a Genesis model or a Spirit grill model?

Doing so will help you to identify a perfect fit grill cover. Moreover, you won’t be spending money on grill covers that are not suitable for your grilling equipment.

#2 Check the Fabric Quality

If you have picked out a grill cover, next thing you’ll have to do is check the fabric’s quality. Make sure it is tough, long lasting and does not easily tear. The best fabric for grill covers is polyester. Such a fabric guaranteed tough and at the same time lightweight.

#3 Find the Right Size

Size always matters. Picking a cover that is too short for the grill would affect the exposed areas from outdoor hazards. On the other hand, if it is too big for the grill, it’ll be a hassle to keep though it might cover the whole equipment. Thus, when you go searching for a Weber grill cover, choose one with the right size.

#4 Outstanding Reviews

Reading product reviews is the best approach to know the important aspects of the item. It tells you the product’s specifications, quality, and durability. Likewise, reading product reviews helps you to choose wisely and avoid investing in poor quality items.

Before buying a grill cover, try to know first the customer’s feedback on the product. All you have to do is visit an online source like the Weber Grill Cover.

The Weber Grill Cover is a website that posts product reviews about grill accessories. This source also offers a product selection guide and tips to assist buyers in handpicking the best grill accessories.

Don’t wait for your Weber grill to rust and get damages! Find a grill cover today with the help of Weber Grill Cover via their official website.

Tips on How to Pick the Right Cover for your Weber Grill