Are you one of many new homeowners who can’t decide which shower head to choose? This 2019, there are a lot of confusing shower head options available in the market. If you are going to choose the best one, there are a few considerations to follow; especially if you do not want to go through this again just in case you chose a poor-quality made shower head.

Tip#1: Know the different types of showerheads available

There are three popular types of showerheads – standard wall-mount showerheads, hand-held showerheads, and the top-mount shower heads (rain showerheads).

  • Standard wall-mount shower heads

If you are looking for budget-friendly showerheads, standard wall-mount types are what you are looking for. Also, these types of shower heads can work with showers with existing plumbing.

  • Hand-held shower heads

Hand-held shower heads can perform multiple tasks since it is detachable from its holder that is attached to the wall.

Also, there is a hand-held type of showerheads that are known as “body sprays and panels”; this type of showerhead is used to provide hydrotherapy, which is often performed in a spa.  

  • Top-mount shower heads (rain shower heads)

These types of showerheads are usually attached to a long P or L-shaped shower arm, which is also attached to the shower elbow. The position of these types of shower heads is often directly over the person’s head – just like the rain. If you are for a bathroom renovation or simply installing a new shower head, rain shower heads are one of the best choices.

There are a lot more different types of showerheads that are discussed in detail at HomeAddon.

Tip #2: Choose according to the pressure

Every shower head has a different psi, and each psi has a huge significance for effective flow. If you are going to purchase a showerhead today, you have to consider the water system’s current water pressure – remember that, water pressure that is not enough won’t give you that strong and consistent flow of water whenever you are using showerheads.

Most showerheads that are available today have 40 to 60 psi; so, ensure your home’s water pressure first before deciding any brand or style of showerheads.

Tip #3: Choosing according to the spray

You’ll find it confusing to see different showerheads with different nozzle spray that produces different intensity and pattern; these include the following:

  • Wide nozzle spray – this type often produces the same consistency and speed of water flow at a wider range.
  • Targeted nozzle spray – unlike the wide nozzle spray, showerheads with targeted nozzle spray pour water harder at a faster speed than the usual.
  • Rinse nozzle spray – this type of shower heads pours water at the central part of the nozzle with slow pouring speed.
  • Pulsating nozzle spray – the water on this type of shower head often pours out at an alternating pattern.

Tip #4: Choose what is cost-efficient, specific on water consumption

Here’s a rule of thumb; shower heads with stronger pressure and faster flow of water consume more water than the standard showerheads.

If you are going to purchase a showerhead today choose one with WaterSense label – a certification that the showerhead you are buying is water-efficient.

Wrap Up

It is easy to choose a showerhead; all you need to do is use the considerations as a guide when you are about to choose one. Also, you may read reviews on showerheads at Home Addons’ website.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Shower Head this 2019