This type of cook burner is commonly used at homes for cooking our delicious recipe. It is highly crafted with rich features like twenty power settings, twenty temperature settings and a high watt of 1800. The design is real attractive especially if you are using it in your own kitchen.

The features that make it


This is an on and off button that are used to light up the burner.  This menu button switches the power mode and the temperature mode. You only need to select the mode that you are using and that will help you to proceed while cooking. There is also the lock button which when pressed cannot change any of the menu button. It is pressed for a few seconds to undo it.


The temperature and the power buttons can be used to control the temperature thou they are independent. Temperature can be controlled in an increment of 20 decrees Celsius. It does not emit any fumes while transferring heat to the pan.

It heats the pan fast and can resume its setting after removing the pan and replacing it back on the heating surface. If you want a burner that cooks real fast by fastening the temperatures, this Duxton 9600Ls is the best.

It is energy unit that is efficient in your cooking. It heats faster than even using a gas. You can use it early in the morning as you prepare your breakfast and you are in a hurry. It has no issues in maintaining its temperature and any of the power setting it has.

The cookware

You need to use the proper cookware which can be determined by use of a magnet. The magnet is placed at the bottom of the pan and if all goes well, the cookware will eventually work. On this cooktop a recommendation is given on pans with a base area of greater than five inches.

The power

It has power ranging from one hundred to nine hundred watts. It is your decision to choose a power that fits your cooking. You are given that room to choose that you may fail to find in some other burners. The cooktop cools immediately you set it to the cooling down button.

The design of it

It has a slanting body that is covered with high quality coat. The coating resists grease and gives you the best surface to clean without much difficulty like scrubbing. You just need a dump cloth with detergent and you go on cleaning.

Safety precautions

Has that safety button that is used to activate the child lock. It locks off all the buttons except for the on and off button. It can shut down if it fails to detect a cookware using an automatic detection pan. It gives you an alert tone if there is any problem with the voltages and shuts down eventually. 


It is one of the best cooking appliances that you cherish to purchase at any moment. You cannot afford to by-pass it if you do not have it. If you would like to know more, reviewing the Duxtop 9600LS induction cooktop will educate you on the best burner for your kitchen.

The Duxtop 9600Ls burner