Computer viruses and hackers are the top culprits when it comes to data corruption and information theft. You can lose all your valuable documents in one blink because of it. That is why companies, especially huge corporations and professionals, are so invested in using password managers. 

A password manager is a software utility that doubles the strength of your password. It takes a form either as a device, an app, or a cloud service. 

To understand it better, think password mangers as an archive of passwords. Inside that archive are also your data and credentials. All of these stored data are locked using a master key that no one knows about except you. 

Using a password manager is proven efficient when it comes to data security and protection. It does protect your confidential documents from hackers and computer viruses. Adding this software on your phone or personal computer gives you peace in mind knowing no one can access your important files without authorization. 

A password manager is incredibly helpful to entrepreneurs and professionals – a certain fact that is determined by testimonials of current password manager users. Though this software is useful, unfortunately, there are downsides to it.

The Downsides of Password Managers

There’s one question that you need to remember when using this software technology: how secure are password managers

The biggest disadvantage of using a password manager is that you give hackers an easier job hacking or stealing your files. Remember that your documents and passwords are stored in an encrypted vault. Thus, if the said vault isn’t strong enough, hackers can access everything inside it easily. All of your files are for the hacker’s taking. The same goes when a virus worms its way through your archive. 

Now, how can you prevent this awful disaster from happening? 

These cases only occur to weak password managers. If you are going to use one, make sure the software is guaranteed secure and can protect your documents from any forms of data breaches. Don’t let yourself be enticed simply because of catchy advertisements. It is best to select a password manager from a reliable source and legit company. And those that use AES-256 encryption and the Zero-Knowledge Protocol. 

The AES-256 encryption provides top layer security to your files. It protects your data from theft, hacking, and corruption. Moreover, the Zero-Knowledge Protocol is when the password manager doesn’t store the master password but lets you remember it. This feature assures that no one can hack your files and passwords since it is only you hold the key. 

Also, remember that not all password managers work well with certain platforms. Choose one that is suitable for your computer’s platform or one that is compatible with several platforms like Windows, Apple, and Android. 

Is this helpful? 

You’ve got a long way to go in to learn about password managers. If you need more details and info about this data protection technology, go to App Soft Hub. This website has all the basic info regarding password managers. This source can also guide you in choosing the best password managers today. 

Password Managers: Is it Secure?