Buyer’s Guide: Quick Check on the Best Fans Today

If you want a quick cooling solution, electric fans are one of the best options.

This year, technology has brought the market the best fans at a reasonable price. If you are planning to buy one today for the best price, here is a quick comparisons of the best fan for your money.

Honeywell HT-908 Turbo Force Room Air Circulator

The Honeywell HT-908 is one of the popular and reasonably priced fans in the market today – very portable, distributes air up to 32 feet away, and rotates quietly by 30%.

Product Specifications:

  • Product dimensions: 15.24 x 8.1 x 14.37 inches
  • Weight: 4.32 lbs.
  • Color: Black
  • Recommendation: Medium-sized room
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

Product Features:

  • The TurboForce provides a powerful cooling performance.
  • Manufactured with Aerodynamic Turbo design that distributes air up to 32 feet away.
  • 30 percent quieter than other fans.
  • Designed with 3-speed settings.
  • 90-degrees variable tilt fan head.
  • Energy-efficient that can save energy bills up to 20 percent.
  • Designed with recessed carry handle.
  • Constructed with fused safety plug.
  • Easy to clean due to its removable grill.

Comfort Zone CZST161BTE Pedestal Fan

The 16-inch oscillating pedestal fan is one of the trusted brands for tower fans today. It performs quietly and powerfully providing strong airflow.

Product Specifications:

  • Product dimensions: 17.2 x 6 x 17.2 inches
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs.
  • Color: White
  • Recommendation: Can accommodate large-sized room
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

Product Features:

  • Designed with 3-speed push-button control
  • Designed QUAD-POD(TM) Patented Pre-Assembled, Quick Folding Base for easy to assemble and easy to store.
  • Constructed with large blades that provide superior airflow.
  • 90-degrees oscillation.
  • Designed with adjustable tilt and height.
  • Functions quietly.
  • It comes with 60 inches long cord.
  • Constructed with upgraded safety plug.

Honeywell HYFO23W Comfort Control Tower Fan

The slim tower fan can accommodate medium to large rooms, which is designed with 3-speed settings and oscillation for a better air cooling performance.

Product Specifications:

  • Product dimensions: 11.81 x 11.81 x 38.39 inches
  • Weight: 7.1 lbs.
  • Color: White
  • Recommendation: Can accommodate medium to large-sized room
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

Product Features:

  • Designed with oscillates for better and wider cooling performance.
  • The electronic controls are touch button on a backlit LED display.
  • Designed with auto shut-off timer (1,2,4, and 8 options)
  • Designed with 3-speed and oscillation settings for wider and cooler air circulation.
  • Comes with recessed carry handle
  • Produces white noise – a quieter noise that allows you to sleep quietly and comfortably.
  • Best used inside the bedroom and or living room

Final Thoughts

If you are going to purchase an affordable and durable fan today, you should consider the size of your current room and the features of the fan. Also, consider buying a fan with positive reviews; so, before purchasing the product, make sure to read customer reviews.

All three aforementioned fans are worthy of your money – interestingly affordable but at the same time are well-constructed fans. Also, you may read reliable reviews and posts like this to get additional details. At Fresh and Breezy, you’ll find interesting tips and facts about fans, air purifiers, diffusers, dehumidifier, noise machines, and more. 

Tips on How to Choose the Right Shower Head this 2019

Are you one of many new homeowners who can’t decide which shower head to choose? This 2019, there are a lot of confusing shower head options available in the market. If you are going to choose the best one, there are a few considerations to follow; especially if you do not want to go through this again just in case you chose a poor-quality made shower head.

Tip#1: Know the different types of showerheads available

There are three popular types of showerheads – standard wall-mount showerheads, hand-held showerheads, and the top-mount shower heads (rain showerheads).

  • Standard wall-mount shower heads

If you are looking for budget-friendly showerheads, standard wall-mount types are what you are looking for. Also, these types of shower heads can work with showers with existing plumbing.

  • Hand-held shower heads

Hand-held shower heads can perform multiple tasks since it is detachable from its holder that is attached to the wall.

Also, there is a hand-held type of showerheads that are known as “body sprays and panels”; this type of showerhead is used to provide hydrotherapy, which is often performed in a spa.  

  • Top-mount shower heads (rain shower heads)

These types of showerheads are usually attached to a long P or L-shaped shower arm, which is also attached to the shower elbow. The position of these types of shower heads is often directly over the person’s head – just like the rain. If you are for a bathroom renovation or simply installing a new shower head, rain shower heads are one of the best choices.

There are a lot more different types of showerheads that are discussed in detail at HomeAddon.

Tip #2: Choose according to the pressure

Every shower head has a different psi, and each psi has a huge significance for effective flow. If you are going to purchase a showerhead today, you have to consider the water system’s current water pressure – remember that, water pressure that is not enough won’t give you that strong and consistent flow of water whenever you are using showerheads.

Most showerheads that are available today have 40 to 60 psi; so, ensure your home’s water pressure first before deciding any brand or style of showerheads.

Tip #3: Choosing according to the spray

You’ll find it confusing to see different showerheads with different nozzle spray that produces different intensity and pattern; these include the following:

  • Wide nozzle spray – this type often produces the same consistency and speed of water flow at a wider range.
  • Targeted nozzle spray – unlike the wide nozzle spray, showerheads with targeted nozzle spray pour water harder at a faster speed than the usual.
  • Rinse nozzle spray – this type of shower heads pours water at the central part of the nozzle with slow pouring speed.
  • Pulsating nozzle spray – the water on this type of shower head often pours out at an alternating pattern.

Tip #4: Choose what is cost-efficient, specific on water consumption

Here’s a rule of thumb; shower heads with stronger pressure and faster flow of water consume more water than the standard showerheads.

If you are going to purchase a showerhead today choose one with WaterSense label – a certification that the showerhead you are buying is water-efficient.

Wrap Up

It is easy to choose a showerhead; all you need to do is use the considerations as a guide when you are about to choose one. Also, you may read reviews on showerheads at Home Addons’ website.

Password Managers: Is it Secure?

Computer viruses and hackers are the top culprits when it comes to data corruption and information theft. You can lose all your valuable documents in one blink because of it. That is why companies, especially huge corporations and professionals, are so invested in using password managers. 

A password manager is a software utility that doubles the strength of your password. It takes a form either as a device, an app, or a cloud service. 

To understand it better, think password mangers as an archive of passwords. Inside that archive are also your data and credentials. All of these stored data are locked using a master key that no one knows about except you. 

Using a password manager is proven efficient when it comes to data security and protection. It does protect your confidential documents from hackers and computer viruses. Adding this software on your phone or personal computer gives you peace in mind knowing no one can access your important files without authorization. 

A password manager is incredibly helpful to entrepreneurs and professionals – a certain fact that is determined by testimonials of current password manager users. Though this software is useful, unfortunately, there are downsides to it.

The Downsides of Password Managers

There’s one question that you need to remember when using this software technology: how secure are password managers

The biggest disadvantage of using a password manager is that you give hackers an easier job hacking or stealing your files. Remember that your documents and passwords are stored in an encrypted vault. Thus, if the said vault isn’t strong enough, hackers can access everything inside it easily. All of your files are for the hacker’s taking. The same goes when a virus worms its way through your archive. 

Now, how can you prevent this awful disaster from happening? 

These cases only occur to weak password managers. If you are going to use one, make sure the software is guaranteed secure and can protect your documents from any forms of data breaches. Don’t let yourself be enticed simply because of catchy advertisements. It is best to select a password manager from a reliable source and legit company. And those that use AES-256 encryption and the Zero-Knowledge Protocol. 

The AES-256 encryption provides top layer security to your files. It protects your data from theft, hacking, and corruption. Moreover, the Zero-Knowledge Protocol is when the password manager doesn’t store the master password but lets you remember it. This feature assures that no one can hack your files and passwords since it is only you hold the key. 

Also, remember that not all password managers work well with certain platforms. Choose one that is suitable for your computer’s platform or one that is compatible with several platforms like Windows, Apple, and Android. 

Is this helpful? 

You’ve got a long way to go in to learn about password managers. If you need more details and info about this data protection technology, go to App Soft Hub. This website has all the basic info regarding password managers. This source can also guide you in choosing the best password managers today. 

Car Jack: Essential For Car Repairs

Why rely on other people if you can do it on your own? Owning a car is very convenient especially for those people who are always busy and travels a lot. It is fun for a while until people need to maintain or repair the vehicle. Instead of going to the nearest service center for minor repairs, why not do it on your own with the use of jack to lift your car up?

In this article, know the six points on where to put jack under cars. This will help you troubleshoot and execute minor repairs on your vehicle when needed.

Six Points on Where to Put the Jack Under Cars

1. Sides of the Car’s Body

This does not mean lifting the entire vehicle on its side, but simply lifting the vehicle on either side while the other supports the weight of the vehicle. It gives an easy access on checking either side underneath the vehicle if one suspects damages. To keep everything safe, people just need to make sure not to lift either side that much to avoid flipping the vehicle.

2. Front Crossmember

If the damage is located on the front part of the car, this point can be utilized. Most of the time, those who wanted to maintain the vehicle such as changing the oil only uses this point because it supports the tank.

3. Rear Crossmember

Usually used if people wanted to check the back part of their vehicles. The safest way when using this point is, to also use a lever or any support on the front part of the vehicle to balance it. It is simple so there is no need to really somebody for assistance.

4. Near Front and Back of the Wheel

Those who needed to change tires use this point in lifting the vehicle using a jack. No need to worry about the car possibly slipping from the jack because the pressure is entirely focused on the wheels. With this fact, it is safe to say that this point is very safe to use.

5. Rear Differential

When lifting one’s vehicle, there is always that fear of possibly slipping and flipping the entire car to the opposite direction of where the jack is placed. Those who wanted to play safe will surely use this spot almost the entire the time they will need to lift their vehicles for repairs. Changing the bushing and leaf springs is easier when using this point. Overall, this is so far the best point because it offers a maximum lifting capacity while assuring that the vehicle is still balanced.

6. Metal Edge

People who do not have the confidence in lifting their own vehicle may just skip this point. However if people have already tried the last five points that was discussed in this article, this point should be people’s last option. From the term itself, the point is any metal underneath the vehicle but since soft metals are also part of the vehicle, people need to check the metals first before placing the jack.

Changing tires and doing car repairs will be a little tricky if you don’t have the necessary tools and equipment. Car jacks are one of the most essential tools that you must have. For more detailed information about this tool, you may visit

Be Picky with Your Toilet Seats

They say that the home is where the heart is, but some people would like to say this as “Home is where you are most comfortable having a potty break.” Regardless, a good toilet seat will complete a restroom, and in turn, complement the home, office, or establishment where it is installed.

If you’re about to install toilet seats in your house or office restroom, here’s what you’ll need to learn, as put together by Project for Home, a site that brings you all sorts of reviews and advices about what toilet seat products that are suitable for your needs, and in taking care of your toilet.

Choosing the best type and design for your toilet seat

One might notice that toilet seats don’t really look the same from place to place; some may be designed differently from others, and there are reasons for those differences. There are ‘normal’ seats, and there are those designed for the elderly and physically disabled persons, usually those that have toilet seat risers. Project for Home has another review, this time on toilet seat risers, which you can see on this post: Listed below are the different options of toilet seats that you can find readily on the market.

1. Seats with and without toilets

Toilet seats with lids are common in households. The cover can suppress the smell and spread of fecal particles – apparently, they can go airborne; you’ll want to have neither stink nor microscopic fecal matter floating around your restroom. Also, putting the lid down gives you a free chair to use in the restroom, whether bathing your kids and/or pets or doing your makeup, but it is advised that you do this with care, because toilet lids are not designed to carry a great weight.

Lidless seats are more prevalent in business establishments and restaurants; they’re usually cheaper and having less moving parts on the businesses’ toilet seats mean having to spend less on toilet maintenance, since they are prone to damage due to their usage by the public. Since there is no cover that would keep off the smell and the miniscule fecal particles, it is then advised to clean these type of seats more often.

2. Seats with an open and closed front cover

The open front toilet seat has the horseshoe shape, and is made so to prevent splashing on the portion where it is open when squatting to pee. This toilet type is common in business establishments as well, where toilet cleaning time is limited due to the toilets being for public use.

The closed front seat type is the one frequently used in homes. They can offer to have a potty chair to be placed on top, which makes this type of seat suitable for children doing toilet training.

3. Circular and oval seats

The round toilet seats don’t take up much space, and are suitable in children’s toilet training because of their size. These seats are usually found in small apartments, or where the restroom space is a bit restricted.

Elongated toilet seats are preferable when there is much space in the restroom, and used by people who are taller or larger. This seat is not suitable when it can get hit by the restroom door, which will lead to damage.

There are also seats that are divided to how their seat fitting works. There is the ‘default’ cover that is fixed by hinges, and there is a seat design where the cover automatically closes when the user is done. There is also a back-to-the-wall-pan toilet seat, which actually looks neat and is suited for those who have serious space issues.

No matter what toilet seat you’ll be getting, remember that it has to be cleaned well using antibacterial and a lot of scrubbing. We pay a visit to the toilet so often, so your choice of a toilet seat will make the difference between you having an inconvenient time and feeling relieved after using. Choose the one appropriate for you and your family!

Why You Should Consider Earning Through Online

With the presence of technology today, everything seems to be available on the internet. This includes jobs that enable us to work at home and earn by just being online. The emergence of the internet has never been more useful than it is for the past few years. As the economy changes, there also seems to be a rapid increase in the number of online jobs available today. As a “millennial” adult who thinks that the traditional 9-to-5 office is just not for you and probably for 70% of your generation out there, here are some takes on why people prefer online jobs.

1. Flexible Working Hours

Each one of you works in your own way and in your own time. Some may prefer working in the morning, but other people are just more productive working after the daylight. Working online allows people to do what they want whenever they want – it allows them to plan their schedule and distribute their tasks in a way that they allot their time according to priorities. It is actually refreshing to be in charge of your own time, where you can work whenever you feel more active and energized.

2. Saves time and money

Commuting and heavy traffic have never been more dreading than it is nowadays. In an area that usually take people 2-4 hours to get to and from work, some rather not waste and instead spend those hours doing something meaningful. Aside from saving time, working at home in your laptop allows you to save money for fares and from buying overpriced meals in the office that would have been an extra income.

3. Allows you to work anywhere

Being and working in your comfort zone really helps more than any traditional employers think. Most of the online workers may not also be comfortable working with other people, much less in a toxic workplace with toxic colleagues. May it be in a coffee shop or at home with your PJs on, being cozy while doing your jobs just really keeps people more active and focused. This way, people are able to finish their loads the best and fastest way possible.

4. Personal and Professional Development

One of the main reasons why employees nowadays quit their jobs is because they are no longer happy with what they are doing. Being in a workplace that dictates you what to do and what to be just hinders your personal and professional development. This is why some prefer working online because it also means choosing and having a job that actually interests them and where they grow as an individual. Some prefer jobs that challenge them to be better, enhancing their skills and knowledge, while they are also contributing to the success of the company.

Today’s generation cares so much about work and life balance. Some get tired of waking up every morning just to feel obliged to go to their office only to stress their selves, that’s why it is just so important for some people to have a job that doesn’t feel like work at all. If you are one who considers working online as well, then know that there are a lot available jobs waiting for you; including this simple two-step formula that can make you earn as much as $146 dollars in just 12 hours. It may sound really surprising, but it actually works. If you want to learn more about Two Step Formula, just click right here

Gear it Up

All of us have hobbies we are really interested with. Some people like indoor activities that can be done within the comfort of our home, such as knitting, cooking, baking, gardening, etc. There were some people who prefer extreme sports such Paraskiing, Wing suit Flying, High lining, Volcano Boarding, Air boarding, Canoeing, Cliff Jumping, Free Diving, Motocross, Water rafting, Rick Climbing, Rappelling, etc. Others who are less adrenaline junkie prefer outdoor activities that could bring them some adventure yet in not too risky sports. Some of fun yet safe outdoor hobbies are surfing, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, etc.

Earth is composed of 70% water and 30% land masses. It is not surprising that there a lots of water sports activities available in the world. One of the famous water sports is scuba diving. It is a type of underwater diving where the divers use self-contained underwater breathing apparatus which is completely independent of surface supply. It is one of the most interesting water sports because you will have a chance to explore the beauty of underwater world for a longer period of time. This particular activity needs proper training and essential gears. Learning how to breathe and move underwater is very easy that it could be learned within a few minutes. The tricky and difficult part here is how to safe and responsible underwater. It is essential to master different skills to make sure that you are can handle your safety and other diver’s safety. There are lot of diving courses and training available in different diving site. There two main scuba certification levels: the open water diver certification and advanced water diver certification. The open water diver certification allows you to dive down to depths of 60 feet. Advance open water diver certification however a requirement to the trainee of few diving experiences and allows you to dive 130 feet once certified. To those who don’t have the luxury of time learning scuba diving there are also short courses that usually takes 2 to 3 days. For those who want to establish career in scuba diving there are rescue diving certification and divemaster certification you could pursue.

Learning the skills in scuba diving is not enough. Scuba divers should also learned different gears used in this sport. For the newbies, equipment used in scuba diving could be a bit overwhelming and intimidating. The basic equipment are Dive Mask, snorkel, Regulator/Octopus, BC/Power Inflator, SPG/Depth Gauge, Dive Computers, Scuba Fins and Wetsuits.

One of the commonly neglected equipment yet I supposed the most important equipment in scuba diving is Dive Computer. It is the instrument panel on electricity. The important function of dive computer is to monitor and display diver’s depth, time of stay in the water and how much longer you can safely stay and also keep tracks how much air you have left. If you are looking for the best Dive Computer in the market you might want to refer to Our in-depth review about the said equipment can ensure your safety while doing scuba diving. Listed here are tested and proven performances of each dive computers.

How to Use Texting to Win Back Your Beloved ex

Loving someone and being loved by someone are the most beautiful feelings in the world. But sometimes when differences occur, the two individuals might lose their path and get separated. This is the time where the old and exciting memories come back flashing at you and you may feel like your heart got ripped out and stomped on with some heavy object and that the pain you’re feeling will never go away at least not for near future. But then suddenly you realize that maybe there is a way to win back your beloved ex. Since nothing is impossible in this world and this energetic phrase may lead you to text back your ex to see if it really works. But before you do that you must look here first. This is the study made by Michael Fiore in which he describes 10 modules.

Your ex may leave you with solely depressed heart and you may feel like it’s all lost for a while, but that’s sometimes not true in a sense that you might get her confidence and trust back by your humble approach and here is the point where these modules related to “Texting your ex back” comes to help you.

Is “Texting your ex back” any helpful:

Well to give the answer to a frequently asked question about “ Texting your ex back”, let’s take a review and have a good look upon the modules that are listed in this study to see if they are really helpful for you.

1. Module 1 starts with the introduction of this study and requires you to be very clear in your mind about getting your ex back. It states clearly that you should not be doing it to satisfy your ego or personal grudges.

2. Module 2 focuses on the main reasons and turning points in the relationship where it all went wrong and the relationship started to dazzle. Michael Fiore stresses the fact that you must pinpoint the reasons for separation and work on designing the measures that need to be taken to get out of this dilemma.

3. Module 3 relates to a very important question that every dumped person needs to ask him or herself and that is: what you want from reuniting with your ex.

4. Flight check is the name of the 4th module that deals with the discussion that you can have on your text with your ex. Michael fire is of a strong view that you must not discuss the reasons or the discussion related to the point of separation. So don’t discuss the bad events from the past. It can only damage the situation.


Michael fire’s “Texting your ex back” simply relies on a basic principle that he named as “G.E.A.R” and it stands for “GENTLY ESTABLISHING AFFIRMATIVE RAPPORT”. Michael is of the opinion that you must not jump to the conclusion. There must be no rushing back to re-unite. Michael lays a principal of “30-days-no-text” which describes the fact that you must give your ex some time to recover and re-think and calm his or her mind before attempting to gain her trust back.

From the all above facts it is clear that it is an excellent study about gaining the confidence in your ex back and make her a part of your life one again.

Decibullz Custom Moldable Earplugs – A Review That You Should Check Out

Have you ever found the best earplugs that will really fit your needs? Or do you want to have a customized one that could be molded again for your own needs? Well, this Decibullz Custom Moldable Earplugs is perfect for you.  In this article, you will find the best review of Decibullz Custom Moldable Earplugs that could be perfect for your hearing protection needs. These earplugs were designed by an Olympic coach who got tired of using low-quality earbuds. He just wanted to make earplugs that are affordable for everyone as well as could be customized for a specific need. This earplugs were made in the United States and were finalized in 2012. In this article, you will find out the Decibullz Custom Moldable Earplugs review as well as the Decibullz ear plug ratings of its many users.

The package of this Decibullz earplug comes in a small box with instructions. You will need to read the instructions on how to assemble it or you can choose to watch online video tutorials of its many users for a step by step instruction.  The package includes the various size tips for different sizes of ear canals, hard left and right plastic plugs, and foam tips for the maximum noise reduction purpose. Before you will go in the molding process, it is highly recommended to assemble it first. It is also recommended to use the smallest tip after the whole process has completed and after you have tested it to your ears. You can only get the right tight fit if you will place the correct top on the plug that is tested to your ear canal. You will need also to follow the certain molding process procedure in order to get the best-customized fit for your ears. Also, there are precautions in using this product. You need to know that this package comes with small parts and are not perfect for children. Also, you will need to know these things before you will use these earplugs. Such examples are, checking if silicone and foam canal tips are connected to the earpiece, fast removal of earplugs may cause damage to the eardrum, following directions to prevent ear clogs, as well as needed proper fit for good effects.

What are the pros of using this earplug? First, it can be customized and fitted for every individual who wanted to have an earplug or hearing protection. Offers affordable price and comes with different colors and lightweight only. Many users said that it is just simple only to customize it, you only need to follow instructions or you can watch videos online as the best reference. It can offer hearing protection up to 31 decibels and still good for a conversation while wearing it. It does not easily pop out just like other earplugs do because it is fitted deep to your ears. Mostly, it is comfortable enough to wear and does not offer pain in wearing it. Many users said that it offers great customer service especially in answering all the questions and concerns. What are the cons of using this earplug? It easily gets soft and pliable in the heat temperature, you will need to remold it again. Comes with a very small case and also some of the users said that it is hard to find the right and left earplug, thus you need to be noted which one is on the right and left.

Well, whatever is your choice, you need to test it first in order to make sure that you are comfortable wearing these earplugs. For more tips, advice and buyer guide about Decibullz earplugs, check out at

How to Weatherproof Wood for Outdoors

Wood is being used to make houses and in construction centers all over the globe. This is a premium material that has long life and is environment friendly. Wood is also used to make furniture and fixtures and other household items. These days, wood has less supply than its demand hence it is an expensive construction item. Therefore, proper care needs to be taken for all those items that are constructed from wood. When we talk about home furniture, you can easily divide it between outdoor and indoor furniture due to different weather conditions that they bear. Indoor furniture is very easy to take care of but outdoor furniture demands proper care like waterproofing to ensure its long life by protecting it from harsh weather conditions like increased humidity in rainy seasons.

You can study more about waterproofing here

Waterproofing for outdoor furniture:

Outdoor furniture is prone to easy wear and tear if proper care and due procedures are not applied. Outdoor furniture is exposed to direct harsh weather conditions like very raining and humid one day and quite warm and sunny the other day. Hence proper care needs to be maintained and procedures to be applied to save your furniture, especially wooden furniture.

  • Proper care needs to be done if you want your outdoor furniture to remain there for longer durations of time and give you peace of mind in all weather conditions.
  • These chairs can easily be damaged if they are not properly quoted with weather resistant liquor. There are a number of ways to protect these chairs especially wooden furniture that is prone to damage due to moisture content in humid air.
  • Wood is being used to make houses and in construction centers all over the globe. This is a premium material that has long life and is environment friendly. Wood is also used to make furniture and fixtures and other household items. Adirondack chair uses wood for its construction that makes it durable.
  • This is one of the best chairs that you can buy for outdoors in 2019. It contains all modern features like strong built quality and comfortable seating with a premium built quality and durable outlook. This is the most sold garden and lawn chair in Canada. It is cost effective yet contains stylish design and modern look and feel.
  • Adirondack Chairs are most comfortable outdoor chairs to date. They are in use by many people over last few decades and are exceptionally well durable and cost effective that gives them long useful life. The material used in these chairs is wood and waterproof coating that gives them premium look and feel.


Chairs especially outdoor chairs for your lawn and garden can easily be made waterproof by use of liquor that is made for this purpose and contains water repellants such as oils which are not soluble in water and also gives shinny and new look to your old furniture and also protects it from water and humidity in chair especially if you are living in coastal areas like Florida.