Loving someone and being loved by someone are the most beautiful feelings in the world. But sometimes when differences occur, the two individuals might lose their path and get separated. This is the time where the old and exciting memories come back flashing at you and you may feel like your heart got ripped out and stomped on with some heavy object and that the pain you’re feeling will never go away at least not for near future. But then suddenly you realize that maybe there is a way to win back your beloved ex. Since nothing is impossible in this world and this energetic phrase may lead you to text back your ex to see if it really works. But before you do that you must look here first. This is the study made by Michael Fiore in which he describes 10 modules.

Your ex may leave you with solely depressed heart and you may feel like it’s all lost for a while, but that’s sometimes not true in a sense that you might get her confidence and trust back by your humble approach and here is the point where these modules related to “Texting your ex back” comes to help you.

Is “Texting your ex back” any helpful:

Well to give the answer to a frequently asked question about “ Texting your ex back”, let’s take a review and have a good look upon the modules that are listed in this study to see if they are really helpful for you.

1. Module 1 starts with the introduction of this study and requires you to be very clear in your mind about getting your ex back. It states clearly that you should not be doing it to satisfy your ego or personal grudges.

2. Module 2 focuses on the main reasons and turning points in the relationship where it all went wrong and the relationship started to dazzle. Michael Fiore stresses the fact that you must pinpoint the reasons for separation and work on designing the measures that need to be taken to get out of this dilemma.

3. Module 3 relates to a very important question that every dumped person needs to ask him or herself and that is: what you want from reuniting with your ex.

4. Flight check is the name of the 4th module that deals with the discussion that you can have on your text with your ex. Michael fire is of a strong view that you must not discuss the reasons or the discussion related to the point of separation. So don’t discuss the bad events from the past. It can only damage the situation.


Michael fire’s “Texting your ex back” simply relies on a basic principle that he named as “G.E.A.R” and it stands for “GENTLY ESTABLISHING AFFIRMATIVE RAPPORT”. Michael is of the opinion that you must not jump to the conclusion. There must be no rushing back to re-unite. Michael lays a principal of “30-days-no-text” which describes the fact that you must give your ex some time to recover and re-think and calm his or her mind before attempting to gain her trust back.

From the all above facts it is clear that it is an excellent study about gaining the confidence in your ex back and make her a part of your life one again.

How to Use Texting to Win Back Your Beloved ex