Prostate cancer is quite common among the male population in America. Almost a decade ago, around 300,000 American men were clinically diagnosed with prostate cancer and 30,000 among them died. This number clearly shows that statistically speaking, there is actually a good prostate cancer prognosis.

Just like any other form of cancer, early detection is crucial in the prognosis and treatment of choice that will be administered, and the length of life of the patient. This is the reason why doctors highly recommend that you are screened annually, just to be sure. You need to be able to detect cancer in its earliest stages because this will make your prostate cancer prognosis a lot better.

What Exactly Is Metastatic Cancer?

When you say metastatic cancer, it means that this cancer has already spread from the original area to the other parts of your body via your bloodstream or your lymphatic system. This occurs when a cancerous cell was able to break away from its mass where it originated and was able to migrate to the other parts of the body where it will continue to grow. When your cancer has metastasized, it usually means that you are at a later part of stage cancer. The sad part about cancer is when it is not detected early on it is very hard to treat, the survival rate goes down which may lead to the earlier death of the patient.

The Treatment Options

Fortunately, there are treatment options that are now available for this later cancer stage. The problem however, is that it is much harder to treat as compared with the earlier stages when the cancer was still localized. Even if your doctors conduct chemotherapy or radiation therapy, you still have a very high chance of recurrence. This is the time when a patient usually experiences metastases. When they do experience this, their prostate cancer prognosis worsens. This is because when it metastasizes, there’s just too much cancer cells that causes the body’s metabolism to be disrupted, which will eventually result in death. In worse case scenarios, the cancer metastasizes to the body’s vital organs like the brain, which can result in the patients’ death.

Patients at this stage are discouraged from choosing the surgical option because the cancer has already spread, but there are exceptions. When the cancerous cells have already grown in number and have already reached the vital organs around delicate structures, surgery cannot be the patient’s option. However, a patient may opt to take alternative medicine, particularly herbalism, to at least alleviate the symptoms and improve a patient’s quality of life. An alternative medicine that’s fast becoming popular amongst cancer patients is medical cannabis, which is why there is weed delivery by mail Canada. Medical weed can provide potent relief from the pain associated with cancer. It can likewise stimulate a patient’s appetite, as well as reduce nausea and vomiting.

However, more than alternative medicine or any other treatment, family support is of utmost importance. Counseling can also be of great help. The important thing is that the patient will be as comfortable as possible and he has peace of mind and body, no matter what the outcome may be.

Dealing with Prostate Cancer Prognosis