Why rely on other people if you can do it on your own? Owning a car is very convenient especially for those people who are always busy and travels a lot. It is fun for a while until people need to maintain or repair the vehicle. Instead of going to the nearest service center for minor repairs, why not do it on your own with the use of jack to lift your car up?

In this article, know the six points on where to put jack under cars. This will help you troubleshoot and execute minor repairs on your vehicle when needed.

Six Points on Where to Put the Jack Under Cars

1. Sides of the Car’s Body

This does not mean lifting the entire vehicle on its side, but simply lifting the vehicle on either side while the other supports the weight of the vehicle. It gives an easy access on checking either side underneath the vehicle if one suspects damages. To keep everything safe, people just need to make sure not to lift either side that much to avoid flipping the vehicle.

2. Front Crossmember

If the damage is located on the front part of the car, this point can be utilized. Most of the time, those who wanted to maintain the vehicle such as changing the oil only uses this point because it supports the tank.

3. Rear Crossmember

Usually used if people wanted to check the back part of their vehicles. The safest way when using this point is, to also use a lever or any support on the front part of the vehicle to balance it. It is simple so there is no need to really somebody for assistance.

4. Near Front and Back of the Wheel

Those who needed to change tires use this point in lifting the vehicle using a jack. No need to worry about the car possibly slipping from the jack because the pressure is entirely focused on the wheels. With this fact, it is safe to say that this point is very safe to use.

5. Rear Differential

When lifting one’s vehicle, there is always that fear of possibly slipping and flipping the entire car to the opposite direction of where the jack is placed. Those who wanted to play safe will surely use this spot almost the entire the time they will need to lift their vehicles for repairs. Changing the bushing and leaf springs is easier when using this point. Overall, this is so far the best point because it offers a maximum lifting capacity while assuring that the vehicle is still balanced.

6. Metal Edge

People who do not have the confidence in lifting their own vehicle may just skip this point. However if people have already tried the last five points that was discussed in this article, this point should be people’s last option. From the term itself, the point is any metal underneath the vehicle but since soft metals are also part of the vehicle, people need to check the metals first before placing the jack.

Changing tires and doing car repairs will be a little tricky if you don’t have the necessary tools and equipment. Car jacks are one of the most essential tools that you must have. For more detailed information about this tool, you may visit autoaidoutlet.com.

Car Jack: Essential For Car Repairs