Do you have a passion for drawing? If yes, you are among millions of people who develop the passion for an artist but then are discouraged along the way due to lack of inspiration which basically comes from learning the best drawing materials. If you are reading this article, you have come to the right place as we will tell you the best drawing materials that will take your artwork to a high level. First things first, drawing tools are surprisingly simple and here are the best tools to learn how to draw.

1. Quality drawing pencils

Drawing pencils are one the best tools to learn how to draw. There are different drawing pencils and different artists connect to different brands. However, if you are just starting your artistic career, it’s recommendable to start with individual pencils such as 2H, HB, 2B, and 4B; they are cheap and give quality images.

2. A sketchbook

A sketchbook is without a shadow of a doubt an essential drawing tool anyone can have. There are different sketchbooks in the market today and if you are just exercising, start small and advance as you master the basics of art. Therefore, you can choose a simple sketchbook for children and it will definitely take your artwork to the next level. These sketchbooks are available in different formats but as a rule of thumb, start with B4 format as it will allow you to make your drawings and sketches on a single page. If you can’t get a sketchbook, don’t panic as you can still show your artistic techniques on the back of an envelope.

3. Erasers

When starting to draw, it goes without saying that you have not mastered the best techniques to use and therefore, you are liable to make mistakes. If you find out that you are making more mistakes than you first imagined, there’s nothing to worry because the artist you admire so much may be made more mistakes than you. Instead of wasting a drawing paper just because you made a mistake, you can erase and perfect your drawing techniques. There are different varieties of erasers and we have some for you;

  • Rubber eraser – It’s the most appropriate eraser to erase graphite and uses friction to remove materials from the drawing surface
  • Kneaded eraser – Instead of using friction, kneaded eraser usually lifts materials from the drawing surface
  • Gum erasers – Also known as the Crumbler, gum eraser is a perfect eraser to remove media from surfaces that are too soft to tear. Even though it removes materials from the drawing surfaces through friction, it preserves the surface to ensure that your drawing material remains intact and in good shape
  • Vinyl or plastic erasers – This eraser usually erases almost anything, but you must be careful because it can tear your drawing material

4. A quality pencil sharpener

A quality pencil requires a quality sharpener for quality artwork. Basically, pencil sharpeners are available in two categories; electric and manual

  • Electric pencil sharpener

Have you ever heard that ‘you get what you pay for?’ This is exactly what applies here. Electric pencil sharpeners are the best pencil sharpener and do quality sharpening without eating your pencil up. However, it might be too expensive for a beginner.

  • Manual pencil sharpeners

Manual pencil sharpeners are the most common and an ideal choice for anyone starting their artwork. They come in different forms and you have an option of choosing one based on your preferences.

Best tools to learn how to draw