When a person notices a mouse infestation in their home they need to get rid of the mice as soon as possible. There are many humane traps that will not harm the mice but will keep them in an enclosed area so they can be released in a new location. When looking for bait for these traps be sure to look at the best mouse bait and what to consider when using the different types of baits.

 Peanut Butter

Mice love nuts and all that is needed is a little bit of peanut butter to attract these creatures. A mouse will smell out the peanut butter and go a long way to get some of it.


The old saying is true, mice do love to eat cheese. Mice can smell of cheese from a distance and they cannot wait to get a bite of it. They will travel well into the trap just to have a piece of cheese. Cheese is considered to be a delicacy to a mouse.


Mice love protein and bacon are one of the things that they enjoy the most. When setting a trap the bacon can be cooked it can be used raw. A person will be amazed at home many mice will come to their trap to get a piece of bacon.

 Hot Dogs

This is another protein that mice cannot resist. Only a small piece of hot dog will be enough to attract the mice. The hot dogs do not need to be cooked to attract the mice. They can be used right out of the package and place in the trap.

 Sugary Snacks

Mice love sweets. They like treats that are high in sugar such as cupcakes and cookies. They also like some of the softer candies including gummy bears. Chocolate is also something that mice love and it can be placed in the bait. Only a small square of chocolate may be needed to trap the mice. If a person lives in a humid climate they may not want to use the chocolate as it may begin to get soft and melt. A cookie crumb will do the job just as well.

 Pet Food

People that have cats and dogs may have found out that mice love dry pet food. Dry cat food is the perfect size for mice. If a person has a bag of pet food out they need to secure it right away. This food can then be used in a trap.

 Cotton Balls

Mice love to use cotton for building their nests, especially during the winter months. Mice are looking to stay warm during the winter and cotton is perfect for them. Cotton can be placed in a trap and when they go to pull on it the door to the trap will be triggered.

These are some of the best baits that can be used to attract mice. Mice will come for these treats and it will be much easier to trap them using any of these preferred baits.

Best mouse bait and what to consider