Keybinds are one of the essential foundations for any type of MMORPG; and just like other MMO, the Fortnite needs the best keybinds to easily adapt every update the Epic does to the game each week. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find the right fortnite keybind, especially if there are tons of guidelines out there.

If you have started this game and planning to become a pro, here are some helpful tips on finding the best Fortnite keybinds from Fortnite pro players game settings and keybinds experts.

1. It should be easy to reach

For faster and easy control of the game, you should choose a keybind that easy to reach. For instance, the keys Q, E, F, Z, X, C, V, and numbers 1,2,3, and 4 are the keys that are easiest to reach. Also, binding these essential keys will help you build, edit, and change the main weapon slots faster and with ease.

Also, do not forget that you can use the left shift, CAPS, and TAB; these are three more keys that are easier and quicker to click.

2. You should identify which keybinds should you keep or not

There are a lot of keybinds that you can use in Fortnite to perform actions in the game, like in shooting and building; however, not all of these are useful. So, here are the top keybinds that you should keep, which is also known as the core keybinds:

•    The movement keybinds, which should bound as W, A, S, D.
•    Shooting, aiming, down, and side are bound left and right click.

Top keybinds that can be changed and you should think about changing are:

•    Weapons slots
•    Building
•    Added keybinds

Although the default keybinds are useful, not all of them are optimal; changing them to your comfortable keybind can help you execute your actions faster and easier – anyway, every player has their own keybind references.

3. Use the mouse buttons

When it comes to gaming of any MMO, a mouse with extra buttons is much better than using a mouse with two. Mouse buttons of 4 and 5 are easy to hit using your thumb, where you can use it to bind with other keys when building or for weapon slots.

4. Binding and unbinding default keys

As mentioned, there are default keybinds that are not useful; for instance:

•    You may want to unbind Q; instead, swap it with build or swap weapon to get the same effect.
•    The pick access is bound to F by default. Since F is one of the easiest keys to reach, it would be better to rebind it; instead, change the weapon slot to 2 – 6 and bind it to 1.
•    Turn “on” the sprint by default

5. Choosing the best building keys

The default binds are Z, X, C, and V; you may use them, it would be more effective if you play around with the keys to find the best combination when building a floor, walls, roof, and more.

Finding the right combination of keybinds in Fortnite is a matter of trial and error, which may also take some time to find the best one when building, editing, and swapping of weapons. So, when playing Fortnite, especially the Battle Royale, do not rush things. Try to get comfortable with the keys found easy to use.

Beginner’s Guide: Tips in Finding the Best Fortnite Keybinds