Videography offers more panoramas to be captured on film. It does not only involve capturing footages of an unforgettable moment, but it also consists of factoring in sound and action. While it can be more extensive than photography, it is also an open field for gaffes, disturbances, unexpected turn of events and unpleasant results. If you want to create professional-looking videos, avoid these videography mistakes deeply ingrained in the psyches of those who had been filming for years.

Using a Regular Video Camera for Night-time Shooting

You’ll end up having blurry and distorted captures if you use a regular video camera to shoot at night. Worse, your viewers will not enjoy watching what you’ve filmed because they’ll practically be staring at nothing. You’ll do well to check out top of the line night vision camcorders that you can use to shoot at night so you can capture everything and not leave your viewers second-guessing what’s happening in the video.

Strange Things Growing from Someone’s Head

How we laugh upon seeing scenes where there appears odd growths on someone’s head. This is one of those videography mistakes caused by not planning the shot ahead. To avoid this, pay attention to the background composition to see how it complements the subject. Always look out for things that protrude vertically and horizontally like poles, trees, and even clotheslines that may appear as inserted wire through both ears. Try to be more creative by shooting from another angle or zooming in to exclude the offending object out of the frame.

Overhead Sun

Having the sun directly above the subject is the worst timing to press the Record button. It is the most unflattering setting to obscure faces and turn your subjects into scary masks with recessed eye pockets in dark shadows. Patience must become one of your virtues while you wait for the sun to hide behind the clouds or for your subjects to move into a shaded area. Otherwise, you can diffuse the light between them and the sun above. An old bed sheet can come handy to resolve this.

Food in the Mouth

What can be more unglamorous than being filmed while stuffing food in the mouth? Although it can be something to brag about dining in fine restaurants, it is another story to be seen slurping on a bowl of soup or wrestling with a slab of steak. Allow your subjects to enjoy their meal in private gusto while you review your footages, fix your equipment, or dine altogether.

Imperfect Indoor Light

Most of the fun can happen indoors that you do not want to miss filming. No matter how exuberant the moment is, it turns sour the moment everybody sees the result. Just like filming with an overhead sun, fluorescent tubes that illuminate indoor videos become unflattering sources of light casting green shadows and revealing skin imperfections. They suck out the light from people’s eye sockets and transform them into giggling zombies. Avoid using the fluorescent lights; instead use another light source like the sun’s rays coming from the windows. Another way is to wrap the tubes with diffuser or use light modifier like a cardboard.

The reason why amateur videographers are called amateurs is that they commit the same videography mistakes repeatedly. The only way to cross the line to become professional is to avoid some mistakes that amateurs never learn from.

Avoiding Common Videography Mistakes