Facial brushes should be easy to use and don’t have to be intimidating. Meanwhile, when buying one you always have to read its specific instructions that indicated on the packaging. Here we provide this trustworthy buying guide for you to follow.

#1: How to use a Facial Brush

When choosing a facial brush, choose the one which is suitable to what your skin needs and apply your cleanser to the brush. While using it, apply the pressure gently. You don’t have to put pressure too hard. Move the brush around your face in circular motion. Just make sure to pay attention to your T-zone particularly if your skin is too oily. Limit using the brush for more than 1-2 minutes – it will over exfoliate your skin if more than that, which not good also.

#2: How to clean a Facial Brush

If you want your facial brush last longer, make sure that you take care of them properly. For rechargeable or battery supplied facial brush be sure to keep it dry if being stored. There are facial brushes that are waterproofed or water –resistant, thus you do not worry if they get it wet. But, make sure to not store them in a shower or bath. If it gets it very wet, make sure to quick it dry before storing them or leave them in its place.

Clean the brushes at least once a week uses a bar of soap and warm water for cleaning. Rinse them thoroughly and dry. There are tendencies the brushes will get a mildew smell, however, it can be preventable with proper care.

#3: How often to replace the facial brushes

It is essential to replace the facial brushes on a regular basis. This will ensure that your brush is clean and still effective. With clean brushes, you will keep your skin healthy and smooth. As suggested you should replace your brush for approximately three (3) months if you using them regularly. To avoid replacing them more often, make sure to take care of them properly.

#4: What kind of cleanser should you use with a facial brush?

When you use facial brushes you can use your favorite cleanser anytime you want. But it does not mean that all cleansers are created equal. It is necessary to use a cleanser with good quality to prevent your skin from irritation.

The facial brush is a good investment especially if you want to look your skin brighter and having a cleaner face. With the proper using of facial brushes, you may leave your skin healthier and younger looking. The facial brush will actually help you feel much better to compare to using a washcloth or your hands. Using a facial brush is easy and fast, making sure your skin has a healthy glow and add it to your daily routine.

The four (4) mentioned steps can be your great guides to assess what kind of facial brushes should you buy. Remember, you will use it to your face, so make sure that it is clean and will not give irritation to your skin.

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